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Industries & Applications

Hotels & Commerical Buildings

Twin City Fan has been providing a full line of fans for the commercial construction industry for over 15 years. With our unsurpassed product line and flexibility, we are able to provide fans for every type of commercial structure including airports, arenas, stadiums, distribution centers, malls, offices, and retail. We also offer smoke and heat exhaust fans that are UL listed for Smoke Control Systems and a full line of kitchen fans that are UL 762 listed for the exhaust of grease-laden air.

Typical Applications

General HVAC
Emergency Smoke Control
Rooftop Exhaust
Sidewall Exhaust and Supply
Energy Recovery
Make-Up Air & OEM AHUs
Data Center Supply & Exhaust
Stairwell Pressurization
Mechanical Rooms
Elevator Shaft Exhaust/Pressurization
Parking Garage Ventilation
Restroom Exhaust
Swimming Pool Exhaust
Jet Bridge Exhaust
Gravity Ventilation
Air Handling Units

Kitchen Ventilation
General Kitchen Exhaust
Cooking and Grease-Laden Air Exhaust
Dishwasher Exhaust
Oven Exhaust