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Industries & Applications


Twin City Fan offers the most comprehensive line of fans in the entire fan industry. We design, test, and manufacture fans for all types of buildings, including condos, custom homes, offices, malls, airports, arenas, and stadiums. We are able to meet your most precise requirements for a variety of HVAC equipment, including all types of custom, package air handlers and roof top units. In addition, we can provide exhaust for restrooms, elevator shafts, parking garages, and jet bridges; stairwell pressurization; rooftop and sidewall supply and exhaust. We also offer smoke and heat exhaust fans that are UL listed for Smoke Control Systems, as well as kitchen fans that are UL 762 listed for the exhaust of grease-laden air.

Twin City Fan is the largest North American supplier of fans to both Industrial and Commercial market OEMs. OEMs prefer our fans, as we offer the most comprehensive fan line from heavy industrial to light commercial. Because of our expertise in mass customization, we can tailor our products to meet the many needs of equipment manufacturers in any market.

Original Equipment Manufacturers require specially engineered products to meet specific demands for size, fit-up, efficiency, sound and durability. TCF is able to provide the right fan for every application and modify as needed for the specific installation.

TCF products are used in a wide variety of original equipment, including:

Typical Applications

HVAC & Air Handling Units
Custom Air Handling
Packaged Units
Make-Up Air
Energy Recovery Units
Lab Exhaust
Emergency Smoke Exhaust
Restroom Exhaust
Stairwell Pressurization
Elevator Shaft Exhaust / Pressurization
Jet Bridge Exhaust
Rooftop Exhaust
Kitchen Exhaust
Sidewall Exhaust & Supply
Parking Garage Exhaust
Gravity Ventilation

Equipment for Process and Manufacturing
Welding Exhaust
Spray Booths
Dust Collection
Environmental Pollution Control

Specific Industries
Grain Drying
Car Wash
Engine/Motor Cooling
Spray Booth Exhaust